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RR Lovers

We love our Ridgebacks!

For everyone who loves Rhodesian Ridgebacks!
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For everyone who loves rhodesian ridgebacks, since livejournal was lacking in a community for us! They're such unique dogs, they deserve their own community. Everyone is welcome, from those who show your dogs to those who just saw one in the park and are curious.

The webpage we list as ours is not, in fact, ours, but is a cause we enthusiastically support. If you are looking at adopting a ridgeback into your household we suggest you take a look at the rescue dogs!


*Be polite! Every dog owner has their own opinion, but lets try to share and debate calmly.

*Posts should be on topic. Occasional off topic posts are alright, but this is a community for and about Rhodesian Ridgebacks and their humans.

Please feel free to spread the word and introduce yourself and/or your dog(s)!